Airframe Parts-Cowling -All parts are aircraft quality, hand layed for uniform thickness and light weight. Items are finished with white primer gel coat.
Note: Light fill and sanding is required for smooth ready to paint surface. A finishing service is available as an option at checkout that will leave a
primer smooth surface.

Aircraft Stamped ribs :-These durable ribs are direct replacements for the original style “Truss”
type ribs originally used by Piper. These ribs are designed for the various
modes of Piper including J-3 and PA-18 with metal spars. FAA Aproved

Canopies: The canopy consists of: 13 cells or chambers, 12 loaded ribs, 13 non loaded ribs, 2 Inflatable stabilizers, 18 ea A, B, C and D lines, 2 ea.
AX, BX, CX, DX, E, F lines, 12 upper control lines, 2 lower control lines (red lines).
Canopy Shape and Construction Method Rectangular shape with 13 top skins, 13 bottom skins, 2 inflated stabilizers.